We, Msaf Bio, are one of the topmost industry leaders in producing and cultivating organic fertilizers. We’re also at the forefront of enriching the soil superiority. We continually endeavour to achieve excellence in our process through applied research and remarkable studies. We uphold a sustainable approach to improving soil quality and nurturing healthier plants. It is our principle axiom to bring betterment in the world of organic farming. We have devised our products to suffice the require .​​​​

Soil Health

Organic fertilizers improve soil structure,  decrease soil erosion, maintain PH of soil, enhance water retention, and foster beneficial microbial activity. A healthy soil ecosystem translates to healthier plants and robust growth.

Nutrient-Rich Produce 

Give your plants the nutrition they need without compromising on quality. Organic fertilizers provide a balanced mix of essential nutrients, resulting in nutrient-rich and flavorful crops.

Environmentally Friendly 

Reduce your ecological footprint by choosing organic fertilizers. Our products are formulated with natural ingredients, promoting biodiversity  and safeguarding ecosystems.

Sustainability in Action 

Join the movement towards sustainable agriculture. Organic fertilizers promote responsible farming practices that protect the land for future generations.

Safe for All 

Create a safe environment for your family, pets, and wildlife.  It's helps to Provide natural enemies to your field. Organic fertilizers eliminate the risk of exposure to harmful synthetic chemicals, making your garden a heaven  for all.

Why Choose Organic Fertilizers?
Nourish Your Soil, Nurture Your Plants 
Our Organic fertilizers are carefully crafted to provide your soil with essential nutrients in a natural and balanced way. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, which may lead to soil degradation over time, our organic formulations enhance Soil fertility, Decrease Soil erosion and promoting long-term sustainability.

Environmental Stewardship 
Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and toxins. Organic fertilizers prioritize the health of our planet by avoiding synthetic additives that can leach into groundwater and harm aquatic ecosystems. Choose a sustainable path that not only benefits your garden but also contributes to the overall well-being of our environment.

Healthy Harvests, Happy You 
Experience the joy of harvesting fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are not only delicious but also free from harmful residues. Organic cultivation minimizes the presence of synthetic pesticides and chemicals, ensuring that what you put on your plate is as pure and natural as possible.

Educating for a Greener Tomorrow 
At Msaf Organics , we believe that knowledge is the key to a more sustainable future. Explore our educational resources to learn about the benefits of organic fertilizers, the science behind sustainable agriculture, and practical tips for cultivating a thriving organic garden.
Why Choose MSAF Organics ?
At MSAF Organics, we're pioneers in sustainable farming, revolutionizing agriculture for a greener, conserve natural resources and putting an end to chemical pollution and toxic residues for making healthier future. Choose us for a sustainable tomorrow.

1. Commitment to Sustainability:
Our commitment to the environment drives every aspect of our operations, ensuring that our products promote healthy ecosystems while maximizing agricultural productivity.

2. Innovation at the Core:
With a focus on pioneering agricultural technology, we continuously develop and refine solutions that address the evolving challenges of modern farming, leading to tangible results and sustainable practices.

3. Quality You Can Trust:
Rest assured, every product from MSAF Organics undergoes rigorous quality control measures, adhering to stringent industry standards to guarantee optimal performance and environmental responsibility.

4. Expert Guidance and Support:
Our team of agricultural experts is here to provide you with personalized guidance and support.Whether you're a seasoned farmer or just starting out, we're here to help you achieve your goals and maximize your yields through tailored solutions and expert advice.

5. A Vision for a Better Future:
Choosing MSAF Organics means embracing a sustainable future. Supporting us fuels eco-friendly agriculture, making the planet healthier for future generations.

Budget 2024: Govt raises 16-times allocation for organic fertilizers

After managing to reduce urea subsidy despite high global prices during FY23-24 and stepping up allocation for organic fertilizers by more than 16 times, the focus on nano di-ammonia phosphate (nano-DAP) may eventually help the government to bring down subsidy on phosphatic fertilizers substantially. This is even as the debate over the efficiency of liquid nano fertilizers still continues.. In her Budget speech, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said: “After the successful adoption of nano-urea, application of nano-DAP on various crops will be expanded in all agro-climatic zones.” She did not explain further. The minister has allocated ₹100 crore for promotion of organic fertilizers during FY25 against ₹6 crore in FY24 (RE). A new scheme for promotion of organic fertilizers providing Market Development Assistance (MDA) and promotion of Research and Development as GOBARdhan initiatives, was introduced in 2023. The PM-PRANAM scheme was also launched last year to grant financial incentive under a formula to states if they reduce usage of chemical fertilizers. New beginning Launching the commercial roll out of nano-DAP of fertiliser co-operative IFFCO in April last year, Union Co-operation Minister Amit Shah had said the introduction of nano variant of fertiliser was a new beginning towards making India self reliant on fertiliser as it would increase farm productivity without impacting the soil health. Apart from IFFCO, Coromandel International and Zuari have got government’s approval to manufacture nano-DAP.

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GU To Adopt 13 Villages To Boost Natural Farming :- IIS At GU Will Implement The Initiative; Women Farmers To Receive Training; Team Of Research Fellows To Check Soil Quality, Measure Health Of Consumers Over A Period Of Three Years

Gujarat University (GU) is taking steps to promote natural farming in the state. In collaboration with the Indian Institute of Sustainability (IIS), GU will adopt 13 villages, training women farmers in natural farming techniques. The initiative includes a three-year study on the impact of natural farming on soil and residents' health. The project begins with training 750 women farmers and 75 self-help group (SHG) women in Vasna Keliya of Dholka. Utilizing technology, the training incorporates drone usage for tasks like sprinkling natural fertilizers. The 'Drone Sakhi' program aims to integrate natural farming with modern methods. IIS Director Sudhanshu Jangir shared that a team of researchers will monitor the farming process, assess soil quality improvement, and study the health impact on consumers over three years. The initial one-acre pilot project in Vasna Keliya will pave the way for further research across 29 acres in Dholka village. GU Vice Chancellor Neerja Gupta highlighted the ongoing commitment, with IIS students and alumni actively monitoring the progress in the adopted villages for effective implementation of natural farming practices.

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