Mycorrhiza Liquid is a powerful soil amendment designed to enhance plant growth and vitality. Derived from beneficial fungi, our formula is meticulously crafted to promote robust root development and optimize nutrient uptake in a wide range of crops.

Key Features:

Contains premium mycorrhizal fungi strains for maximum effectiveness.Improves soil structure and enhances water retention capabilities.Facilitates symbiotic relationships between plants and soil microorganisms.Boosts plant resilience to environmental stressors.

Promotes healthier, more vigorous growth and higher yields.Usage Instructions:

Step 1: Preparation
Shake the bottle well before use to ensure even distribution of the mycorrhizal spores.

Step 2: Dilution
Mix Mycorrhiza Liquid with water at the recommended ratio. Refer to the product label for specific dilution instructions.

Step 3: Application
Apply the diluted solution directly to the soil around the base of the plants. Ensure thorough coverage of the root zone.

Step 4: Watering
Water the treated area lightly to help the mycorrhizal fungi establish contact with the plant roots.

Step 5: Maintenance
For best results, repeat the application periodically throughout the growing season, especially during transplanting or periods of stress.

Recommended Dosage:

Dilute 1-2 tablespoons of Mycorrhiza Liquid in 1 gallon of water for every 100 square feet of soil.Note: Mycorrhiza Liquid is suitable for use in organic farming practices and is safe for the environment.