Explore the future of agriculture at SOMS Exhibition & Conference 2024 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, from July 4th to 5th. This event showcases advancements in soluble and organic fertilizers, micronutrients, and stimulants, pivotal for sustainable farming in India.
Innovating with Soluble & Organic Fertilizers Discover cutting-edge soluble and organic fertilizers enhancing nutrient uptake, optimizing yields, and preserving soil health. These formulations dissolve efficiently in water, minimizing environmental impact while maximizing agricultural efficiency.
Micronutrients for Enhanced Crop Performance Learn about advanced micronutrient formulations promoting balanced growth, resilience against stressors, and optimal nutrient absorption. Insights into practical applications and research shape modern agricultural practices.
Stimulants: Boosting Crop Resilience Explore stimulants like growth promoters and bio-stimulants that enhance crop vigor, immunity, and resource use efficiency. Their role in sustainable agriculture and yield enhancement is crucial.
Conference Highlights: Knowledge Exchange and Networking Engage with industry leaders, researchers, and policymakers through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and technical sessions. Topics include sustainable practices, regulatory trends, innovations, and market dynamics.
Embracing Sustainable Agriculture Join SOMS 2024 to collaborate, innovate, and adopt technologies for productive, sustainable agriculture. Let's shape a resilient future for Indian agriculture and beyond.
Conclusion SOMS Exhibition & Conference 2024 is your gateway to transformative solutions in sustainable agriculture. Save the date—July 4th to 5th, 2024—and be part of shaping a resilient and productive agricultural sector.

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