Castor DOC (Bio-Fuel)

Product Overview:  

  • Castor Doc is a Bio fuel Derived  From The Castor Oil Plant.    
  • It Is Used As A Renewable Energy Source, Providing An Alternative To Traditional Fossil Fuels.

Physical Properties:    

  • Color: Sisal    
  • Odor: Slight Odor


Proximate Analysis
1Moisture%6.26Is 1350  (Part 1)
2Volatile Matter%59.09Is 1350  (Part 1)
3LOI%87.67Is 1350  (Part 1)
4Fix Carbon%28.58Is 1350  (Part 1)
5Ash Content%6.07Is 1350  (Part 1)
6GCV%4653Is 1350  (Part 2)
7NCV%4499Is 1350  (Part 2)
Ultimate Analysis
8Sulphur%0.35Is 1350  (Part 3)
9Carbon%56.84Is 1350  (Part 4)
10Hydrogen%2.19Is 1350  (Part 4)
11Nitrogen%2.01Is 1350  (Part 4)
12Oxygen%32.54      Iso 1928

Production Process:   

  • Castor Doc Is Produced Through The production process of castor doc bio fuel involves the extraction of oil from castor seeds, leaving behind a residue known as castor de oiled cake (castor doc)
  • Quality Control Measures Are Implemented To Ensure Product Consistency And Purity. 

Environmental Impact:    

  • Castor Doc Is A Renewable Bio fuel, Contributing To A Reduction In Carbon Emissions.    
  • It Is Biodegradable And Environmentally Friendly. 

Performance Characteristics:    

  • Energy Content:   GCV: 4653, NCV:4499    
  • Storage Stability: Ensure That The Castor De Oiled Cake Has Low Moisture Content.
  • Storage In A Dry Environment Is Crucial For Maintaining Stability. 
  • Storage At Moderate Temperatures Is Generally Recommended.

Packaging Information:    

  • Available Packaging Sizes: 25 Kg, 50 Kg    
  • Storage Recommendations: Ensure Proper Ventilation. Protect From Direct Sunlight. Keep Storage Area Dry.