HUMIC:-15% AMINO:-10% SEAWEED:- 05%

Product Description: 

Our innovative humic-amino-seaweed blend is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance the health and productivity of your plants. Crafted with precision, this formula combines the natural benefits of humic acid, amino acids, and seaweed extract to provide a comprehensive nutrient boost for your plants.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Plant Health: The blend of humic acid, amino acids, and seaweed extract promotes robust plant growth by providing essential nutrients and fostering healthy soil microbiology.
  • Increased Nutrient Absorption: Formulated to optimize nutrient uptake, our product ensures that plants receive the vital elements they need for vigorous growth and development.
  • Stress Tolerance: With its unique composition, this blend aids in enhancing the plant's resilience to environmental stresses such as drought, heat, and disease, allowing for consistent performance even under challenging conditions.
  • Improved Yield and Quality: By supporting root development, flowering, and fruiting, our blend contributes to higher yields and superior crop quality, fulfilling the potential of your plants.

Application Guidelines:

  • Dilution Ratio: Mix the recommended amount of the blend with water according to the instructions provided on the packaging.
  • Application Frequency: Apply the solution during the active growing season, typically every 1-2 weeks, to ensure continuous nutrient support.
  • Application Method: Use a sprayer or watering can to evenly distribute the solution over the soil around the base of the plants or as a foliar spray directly onto the leaves.
  • Compatibility: Our blend is compatible with most fertilizers and pesticides, but it is recommended to conduct a compatibility test before mixing with other products.
  • Storage: Store the product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain its efficacy.