• It gives plant micro & macronutrient like NPK, S, Cu, Ca, Mg, Br, Mn, Fe, solubilize & available for to plant.
  • It gives resistance power to plant, various diseases and bacterial, harmful bacteria Fungi.
  • It stimulates plant growth by producing plant enzymes & plant growth stimulate substances like protein Ga3, hydrolysates and IBA, IIA hydrocyanic Acid, Phycocyanin, Carboxylic Acid for plant growth & resistance power to plant.
  • It also at organic carbon in the soil to improve soil fertility. 
  • It is used for all crops like maize, pulse, soybean, paddy, mung bean, nuts & vegetable and fruits crops.


5 to 10 ml per litre of water or 75 to 100 ml in a litre pump. Or 1 litre per acre in 100-litre water mix & spray & drench near the root area.

PACK SIZE: 1 Ltr, 5 Ltr, 200 Ltr