MSAF PURE BONE MEAL combines finely and coarsely ground animal bones and slaughter-house waste products. MSAF PURE BONE MEAL is rich in phosphorus (p2o5 min 20 %) and calcium (13%). It is used as an organic fertilizer for plants. As a slow-release fertilizer, MSAF BONE MEAL is primarily used as a source of phosphorus and protein.


  • Phosphorus (AS P205) is a crucial nutrient available in MSAF PURE BONE MEAL. This mineral plays a significant role in photosynthesis, root, flower, seed production, energy transfer within the plant, and other vital functions.
  •  Pure bone meal is the only source of the natural and highest amount of natural phosphorus. 
  • A higher amount of organic phosphate helps to increase yield. 
  • Calcium is famous for building strong bones, and it is also beneficial for plants.
  • Bone meal fertilizer is enriched with this essential mineral. It helps keep the cell walls of your plants strong & healthy and promotes steady growth.
  • Bone meal breaks down slowly, making it the perfect long-term fertilizer that only needs to be applied once per year. 
  • MSAF PURE BONE MEAL will continue to feed your plants throughout the entire crop season. 
  • Completely free of chemicals, the natural decomposition process feeds the microbes in the soil.
  • Available higher amount of organic matter helps to improve soil fertility.