Product Description: 

Our Organic Manure is a premium blend of nutrient-rich organic materials carefully crafted to enhance soil health and promote thriving plant growth. Sourced from natural ingredients, our manure is free from synthetic chemicals, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for your gardening needs.

Key Features:

  • Natural Nutrients: Packed with essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, our organic manure provides plants with the nourishment they need for robust growth.
  • Soil Conditioning: Improves soil structure and fertility by enhancing water retention and promoting microbial activity, creating an optimal environment for plant roots.
  • Slow Release Formula: Designed for long-lasting effectiveness, our manure releases nutrients gradually, providing sustained nourishment to plants over time.
  • Weed Suppression: Helps suppress weed growth naturally, reducing the need for chemical herbicides and promoting a healthier garden ecosystem.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made from renewable organic materials, our manure supports sustainable farming practices and minimizes environmental impact.
  • Safe for Use: Free from harmful chemicals and additives, our organic manure is safe for use around children, pets, and beneficial garden insects.

Application Guidelines:

  • Preparation: Before applying, ensure the soil is adequately prepared by removing weeds and debris. Loosen the soil to a depth of a few inches to promote better nutrient absorption.
  • Application Rate: Apply our organic manure evenly over the soil surface, using approximately 2-4 inches of material for flower beds and vegetable gardens. For potted plants, mix the manure into the potting mix at a ratio of 1:2 or as desired.
  • Incorporation: Gently incorporate the manure into the top few inches of soil using a rake or gardening fork. Avoid compacting the soil to maintain proper aeration.
  • Watering: After application, water the soil thoroughly to help activate the nutrients and settle the manure into the soil. Ensure consistent moisture levels for optimal plant growth.
  • Maintenance: Reapply our organic manure every 4-6 weeks during the growing season to replenish nutrients and maintain soil fertility. Adjust application rates based on plant needs and soil conditions.