Product: mycorrhiza Bio fertilizer 

mycorrhiza  are another type of symbolic relationship between certain fungi and roots. 

mycorrhiza fertilizers are a high-quality inoculum used for enhancement in growth yield, stabilize the soil, and help in reducing the transplanting shock and a long shelf-life without any loss of activity. 

mycorrhiza fungi are typically associated with trees plants. 

Free from any Heavy Metals, Product doesn’t harm Human, Animal or Environment.

Fields of Application, benefits for plants: 

  • Providing their hosts with soil nutrients and water 
  • Improve soil structure 
  • Reduce transplanting shock 
  • Disease control by preventing entry of soil borne pathogen 
  • Play key role in trees development and afforestation

Toxicological Information: Free from chemicals and toxic materials 

Product disposal: As per FCO rules and regulations. 

Storage: Can be stored under dry conditions and temperature from-10°C and upto+40°C for more than a year without loss of activity. Keep package tightly closed. 


Soil fumigation, pesticides and fungicides can kill mycorrhiza. Over-fertilizing and overwatering can also reduce mycorrhiza populations. When phosphorous is soil, mycorrhiza may either be “inhibited “or actually take energy from the host plant



Brownish black or white gray Color based on carrier
3Moisture content%
4Total spores/gm of technical mycorrhiza product
180 to 200 spores/gram
5Infectivity potential of Technical products