Product Description:

Azospirillum is a beneficial soil bacterium that enhances plant growth and productivity through nitrogen fixation and other mechanisms. It forms symbiotic relationships with various crop plants, promoting their nutrient uptake and overall health. Our premium Azospirillum product is specially formulated to optimize plant growth and yield, ensuring healthier crops and increased agricultural productivity.

How to Use in Farming:

Seed Treatment: Mix the recommended amount of Azospirillum inoculant with sufficient water to create a slurry. Coat the seeds evenly with the slurry and allow them to dry before planting.

Soil Application: Prepare a solution of Azospirillum by mixing the recommended dosage with water. Apply the solution to the soil around the root zone of plants using a sprayer or watering can.

Root Drench: Dilute Azospirillum in water according to the recommended rate and apply directly to the root zone of established plants. Ensure thorough coverage of the root system.

Foliar Spray: Mix Azospirillum with water as per the recommended dosage and spray the solution evenly on the foliage of plants. Apply during early morning or late evening to maximize absorption.

Crop Rotation: Incorporate Azospirillum into your crop rotation strategy by applying it to the soil before planting new crops. This helps establish a beneficial microbial community in the soil for successive plantings.

Frequency of Application: For best results, apply Azospirillum at critical growth stages such as seedling establishment, vegetative growth, and flowering. Repeat applications may be necessary based on crop type, soil conditions, and environmental factors.

Compatibility: Azospirillum is compatible with most commonly used fertilizers and pesticides. However, it is advisable to conduct a compatibility test before tank-mixing with other products.

Storage and Handling: Store Azospirillum in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep the product tightly sealed in its original packaging to maintain viability. Use caution when handling and avoid inhalation or contact with eyes and skin.