Product Description:

Bacillus subtilis is a beneficial bacterium renowned for its multifaceted applications in agriculture. Our premium-grade Bacillus subtilis product harnesses the power of this naturally occurring microorganism to enhance soil health and promote robust plant growth.

With its unique ability to colonize roots and rhizosphere, Bacillus subtilis functions as a potent biocontrol agent against a wide spectrum of soil-borne pathogens, including Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, and Phytophthora, thereby reducing the reliance on chemical pesticides.

Our meticulously formulated Bacillus subtilis product is designed to:

Improve Soil Health: By fostering a favorable rhizosphere environment, Bacillus subtilis promotes nutrient uptake, enhances soil structure, and increases water retention capacity, leading to improved soil fertility and productivity.

Enhance Plant Growth: Bacillus subtilis stimulates plant growth by producing plant growth-promoting substances, such as indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) and siderophores, which facilitate nutrient absorption and root development, resulting in healthier, more vigorous plants with increased yields.

Suppress Pathogens: Through competition for nutrients and space, as well as the production of antimicrobial compounds and enzymes, Bacillus subtilis effectively suppresses harmful pathogens, reducing disease incidence and promoting crop health.